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Att vandra är manna för själen och bra för koppen. Hos oss kan du vandra på magiska platser som Gotland och Ammarnäs. Oavsett vilken ställe du väljer får du en natur- och kulturupplevelse som är få förunnat.


Short treks, long treks, on shoe or on snow shoe! No matter what you choose, our destinations offer great possibilities.
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Guidade turer och vandringar på Gotland

När du bor med oss i Visby ska du inte missa våra guidade turer. Vi tar dig till historiska, arkitektoniska, kulinariska och konstnärliga upplevelser i världsarvsstaden Visby. De guidade turerna pågår från två timmar till hela skräddarsydda dagar. Vi har även guidade turer med fokus på den gotländska landsbygden.

Guided tours and walks on Gotland

When staying with us in Visby you should not miss out on a guided walk, our guides speak more than 11 languages and takes you to the historical, architectural, natural and culinary peaks of the UNESCO world heritage town. These tours can also be done by bike. Tours range from two hours to full, tailor made days. Transports are of course arranged if we need to go outside the city walls.

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Payment - Deposit & Final payment

NOTE. As long as the acute Corona situation persists, we will charge in connection with your departure from us. The following conditions are temporarily violated..

For online booking (VISA, Mastercard) the full amount is paid at the time of booking. Where applicable, a deposit is used. This is paid within ten days from the booking date and final payment must be received by us no later than 30 days before arrival. Once the deposit has been paid, your booking is confirmed. Until then, the booking is preliminary. Bookings that are not paid on time are automatically canceled. If you book later than 30 days before the arrival date, the full cost must be paid at the time of booking. Payments are made by bank transfer, Mastercard or VISA. Enter the invoice number for bank giro payment.


In case of cancellation earlier than 30 days before the day of arrival, the final payment paid will be refunded if such has taken place. (The deposit is non-refundable) If canceled 30-14 days before the day of arrival, 50% of the total price will be charged. If canceled up to 14 days before date of arrival, the total price of the reservation will be charged. Changes that involve another day of arrival, day of departure or shortened stay are to be regarded as cancellation.

Customer obligations

You must follow the guides / other staff's given instructions / rules of procedure. You are responsible for all damage that has occurred to a boat or other equipment due to the customer or someone else in the travel company being negligent. If the customer has a complaint regarding the event, he must contact FishYourDream AB already during the stay so that any ambiguities can be resolved. Remember to respect fishing rules, our environment, the animals that live in it and fellow human beings.

Insurance and responsibilities

Although Björk Experience AB has taken reasonable steps to provide me with information, equipment and experienced guides, Björk Experience AB has informed me that its activities are not completely risk-free. Certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique nature of the activity. These inherent risks are some of the components that contribute to the unique nature of the activities, and can cause damage to or loss of your equipment, personal injury due to accidents, illness or, in extreme cases, permanent injury or death. I am aware that even experienced guides can make mistakes. I am also aware that the description of the risks is not complete and that other unknown or unexpected risks may cause harm. I participate completely voluntarily in the activities and I choose to participate despite and with full knowledge of the inherent risks. I hereby agree to take full responsibility for the risks in question. I confirm that I am fully capable of participating in these activities. Therefore, I assume full responsibility for myself, including all minors for whom I have custody, supervision or responsibility, in respect of bodily injury, death, loss of private property and costs resulting from these inherent risks and dangers. I am aware that adequate insurance coverage that applies to all incidents that may occur, including health insurance, rests with my own responsibility. I am also aware that I myself am solely responsible for the necessary medical precautions before the trip. FishYourDream AB assumes no responsibility for unforeseen events such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, participants' illness, accidents or other unforeseen events.

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Tack för att du är intresserad av Björk Experience Fyll i formuläret så kontaktar vi dig senast inom 24 timmar.

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Fågelskådning på Gotland

Birdwatching in Gotland

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Gotland Ammarnäs Tjuonajokk
Gotland hyser en unik fågelfauna med kanske världens tätaste bestånd av kungsörn. Här finns desstuom 40 par lärkfalk och flera par ängshök. Bland tättingar märks mindre flugsnappare, halsbandsflugsnappare, höksångare och lundsångare.
No matter if your interest is birding or botany, or if you are just into nature in general, a guide will find you the gems and help you go deeper.

Flugfiska på Gotland

Fly fishing in Gotland

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Gotland Ammarnäs Tjuonajokk
Längs Gotlands 80 mil långa kust hjälper våra fiskeguider dig att hitta det du letar efter.
On the pristine Gotland banks you fish undisturbed with more than 800 km of shoreline at your hands. All our fishing guides have many years of experience from fishing our waters and will do everything to satisfy your needs. If you are a novice or an experienced angler.



Stuga på Gotland

Cabin on Gotland

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Gotland Ammarnäs Tjuonajokk
Denna moderna stuga har 6 bäddar fördelat på tre sovrum. Här finns fullt utrustat kök. Självklart dusch och toalett. Nära till fantastiska omgivningar och underbara vyer.
The cabin has 6 beds in three bedrooms and is located near the sea. It has a fully equipped kitchen. Of course also toilet and shower. Located close to trout hotspots and marvelous natural surroundings. Your perfect basecamp for fishing and other activities.

Ljungs Fem Rum

Ljungs Fem Rum

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Gotland Ammarnäs Tjuonajokk
Ljungs Fem Rum är det perfekta boendet för en underbar vistelse på Gotland. Beläget centralt på ön, i Västergarn finns det närheten till havet och en uppsjö av aktiviteter, caféer, butiker och mycket mer. Det finns flera vikar och uddar som passar fint för fiske inom promenadavstånd.
Ljungs Fem Rum offers standard double room stuidos as well as a couple of four bed rooms. However, these rooms have two out of the four beds upstairs on a loft, so it is not suitable for infants or if you have a problem climbing up a quite steep staircase. All rooms are fully equipped with toilet and shower en suite, kitchenette, sofa, TV and wifi. Final cleaning, bed linen and towels are always included. All rooms have their own patio.


Vi delar gärna våra upplevelser med dig. Anmäl dig här så får du vårt nyhetsbrev.


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